The Backyard Series

A backyard can be used in many ways--as a playground, a convenient place to put things we no longer need, or a space where we can create our own personal landscape or garden. In these images I show how a backyard can be a visual haven, a place where we can relax and dream, safe from the public eye, a place where our childhood imagination can revisit us. At these times, ordinary things lose their strict boundaries and slowly merge with one another. They seem alive, softly breathing or dancing in a whirl. Color becomes more of a feeling or a vibration, calm or excited, buoyant or sedate. Time dissolves and reasserts itself in a split second. And then a cell phone beeps or a TV blares and suddenly we are back in the world of plans and to-do lists, to life as we know it. But for a brief moment, we were in a timeless place.
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Red Swing on a Spring Morning
Swimming Pool Waiting
Coffee Cup Resting
Hummingbird Feeder in the Leaves
Swinging Water Bowl
Whirling Clothes Tree
After the Picnic
Chairs in Conversation
Quiet No Birds
Out on a Branch with Blue
Blue Greenhouse
Sail Away
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