Photography has been my medium for exploring the mysterious and ephemeral beauty of both the natural and human-made world. Since I’m interested in the visual atmosphere of a subject rather than the details, the images are often soft, blurred, or otherwise distorted. I prefer to produce these effects in-camera and sometimes, as with the lumen prints, I don’t use any camera at all. The results are often unpredictable, but that means there will always be refreshing surprises.

In the past few years, I have combined photographs with encaustic, a hot wax and resin process. The soft, sensual layers of encaustic bring dimension and luminosity to the image. I also add texture and collage elements to create a shifting sense of what is seen and what is hidden.

Recent Exhibits:
Among the Trees, solo show, Center for the Arts, Grass Valley, CA, February 2017
Wild and Scenic Film Festival Art Exhibit, juried show, Nevada City Winery, Nevada City, CA, January 2017
Works in Wax, group show, Center for the Arts, Grass Valley, CA, September 2015
The Photography Show, juried show, The Tong Gallery, Walnut Grove, CA, September 2015
The Backyard Series, solo show, Summer Thyme's Deli & Bakery, Grass Valley, CA, June - August 2016
Best of Botanicals, juried show, Photo Fine Art Gallery, Oakland, CA, May-July 2014
Lumen Prints, solo show, A Woman's Eye Gallery, San Francisco, CA, May 2014
Encaustic Works, Lucchesi Tasting Room, Grass Valley, CA, Jan 2014
Ghost Flowers, solo show, Indian Springs Tasting Room, Nevada City, CA, April 2013
Ghost Flowers, Summer Thyme's Bakery and Deli, Grass Valley, CA, Jan-Feb 2013
Close By, solo show, Cafe Seventy-Eight, San Francisco, CA, March 2012
Fifth Annual Juried Plastic Camera Show, Rayko Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Jan-Feb 2012
Close By,solo show, Summer Thyme's Bakery and Deli, Grass Valley CA, Jan-Feb 2012
No Mirrors, juried show, Rayko, San Francisco, CA, July 2011
Landscapes, Artist’s Studio in the Foothills, Grass Valley, CA, June 2011
Close By, solo exhibit, Summer Thyme’s Café, Grass Valley, CA, June 2011
Bungalows at Indian Head, solo exhibit, Café Seventy 8, San Francisco, CA, April 2010
International Plastic Camera Show, juried show, Rayko, San Francisco, CA, March 2010

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